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    Sculpt your body with this new noninvasive fat reduction treatment. Now it's easy to get rid of your love handles, post-pregnancy pooch or "muffin top" comfortably and conveniently.
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    These gentle, yet effective peels can correct skin issues without downtime.
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  • Patient Review

    • I want to compliment you and your staff for the caring manner in which I was treated. You and your staff were genuinely concerned that I was comfortable and informed about the procedure I had. Each one of your staff members took the time to know my name, ask if I understood the medical procedure, explain what they were going to do and then answer any questions I had.

      Betsy Crysel, Richland, WA
    • When I first started going to your office the first thing I noticed was the professional attitude that all your staff presented. I had just come from a bad experience with another Dr. and was not sure if I would find the same. With all of my time coming to you for help with an issue that no one else seemed to care about. The Dr. have all went above and beyond to help me. Going as far as to buy special books to research my issues. This to me speaks volumes as to the integrity of this office. They always treated me with respect and courtesy. I would highly recommend this facility to all that have any type of skin problems. I have found that they are warm and friendly to the point it makes you feel like you’re a part of something. No one is better in my mind to provide the best service possible to the community. A lot of the time when I go I feel I am among friends and count myself lucky to be able to enjoy the care that they give.

      Marcie Dolar, Boardman, WA
    • I have just been amazed at how wonderful the products for skin care work. They are amazing and I have found the staff are so terrific and supportive.

      Joy Reed, Mesa, WA
    • Melissa was and is totally awesome! For over two years of steadily trying to find an answer to or at least something that could make the scalp situation bearable … she did injections (as painless as could be!) and was so caring and yet professional … and within three or four days, the dandruff, the sores and the beyond belief itching, started to ease.

      I had been to doctors here in BC, New Mexico, Mexico and now to your clinic — this is the first time I have had any relief. I had been given solutions that actually burned my scalp and caused even more of a mess, been told that I would live with this yucky stuff the rest of my life and that I would have to take medication for the itching and the list of woes just goes on.

      Melissa walked into that room and immediately told me she would be able to help me — and she has — what a relief to be able to put my head on a pillow and not feel that my head was resting on a sharp, uncomfortable Brillo pad! Melissa was so kind and so caring, and I feel so very, very lucky to have gotten to have someone like her on my side. Everyone I encountered was great. Thank you, thank you!

      Patti Dagneau, Oliver, BC
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