December 1, 2015

Insurance Information

We are in-network providers for the following insurance companies:

Don’t see your insurance listed? That’s OK. We will courtesy bill other insurance companies for you. A lot of times, patients will get their reimbursement checks from their insurance companies for these out-of-network benefits before they even get our bill in the mail. Feel free to call us at 509-735-1189 and we will look up what your specific in-network and out-of-network benefits are and help explain them to you. (We know how confusing all this insurance stuff gets!) We find many patients are often surprised that they will end up paying about the same whether they see a doctor in their insurance network or one that’s out-of-network because of their benefits structure, deductibles, etc. Get the most from your insurance! Call us and we’ll help figure out what your plan entitles you to!

For more information, our section on EOB (Explanation of Benefits) Statements has some terms and examples to help you figure out the paperwork your insurance company sends you. You can also click the above insurance links to go to your insurance company’s website.

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